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Mega Tamsui Photowalk: MRT to Fisherman’s Wharf Updating

Posted in a post in the FB group… stay tuned for more details! Outline of Walk Inviting Photowalkers to attend the next Photowalk on June 30th at 3:30pm. We’ll be setting off from outside the main Tamsui Starbucks Coffee Shop @ 3:45pm. If anyone wants to grab a milkshake earlier, please pm me! Kooks is nearby. Getting There… Read More »

Revisited #6: Tamsui Sunset from 2007

The next in the revisited series. This one is from much further back and was actually posted on my old blog way back in 2007. I posted this shot. The crop edges were a thing then, I do apologize! “I thought I’d just include this picture of the Tamsui river. I love the rolling clouds counterpointed against the… Read More »