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Revisited #9: Bitan Bridges in Hsintien, NTPC

It’s always good to revisit old edits, as a way to measure my success or failure in past efforts. The image in today’s post came from my looking through old Archives of what used to look like.

Though it was a JPG originally, I didn’t see much point in editing it. Still, feeling poorly today caused me to 2nd guess that decision. Oddly, the shot was originally made in black & white, which is a pity. I probably took it like that because of the poor lighting conditions and the ISO was way up at 3200. Surprisingly not too blurry even for handheld 1/20s.

The original was essentially unedited except for the decision to shoot in B&W. I also have a color version that had very similar settings, but the file size was 50% bigger. So I will edit that as a B&W for comparison shortly. The 2nd edit had chromatic aberration removed, a little transformation, and a profile was chosen in LR (B&W03).



The Community Center in Tienmu Organizes Tours

Wulai Indigenous Mountain Tour

Known for its hot springs, Wulai derives its name from the Atayal word Ulay, meaning “hot water.” As the closest indigenous village to Taipei, it is uniquely accessible to visitors. We will spend the day in beautiful natural surroundings, in the company of a tour leader with deep connections to the area. Along the way we will gain an understanding of Ulay’s indigenous people’s history and contemporary reality, its role in the time of the Japanese occupation, touch on the effects the Han colonization had on the place and its people, and see how natural disaster has reshaped it in recent times. Coffee and a delicious indigenous lunch included.


March 28th, 2019 9:00 AM   through   3:30 PM

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Guandu Temple: Seeking Wealth and Fortune in the Year of the Pig

Guandu is Taiwan’s oldest temple and is dedicated to Mazu, Goddess of the Sea. It is one of the Taipei area’s most interesting to visit as it is built against a cliff and features two caves; one of which extends quite far into the hillside and houses many deities representing the God of Wealth. Join Jennifer to learn about this fascinating temple, explore the caves, enjoy a beautiful view of the Tamsui River, and be one among the many seeking their fortune for the upcoming Year of the Pig.


January 15th, 2019 9:30 AM   through   12:00 PM

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Hike and Bike: Jiantanshan to Wenjianshan and the Riverside Park Path

Our meeting point of Jiantan MRT station is a very busy place, but right after we start on the Jiantanshan trail you will feel like you have entered a different world. From up on the mountain we will see Taipei 101, the riverside park, the Ferris wheel at Miramar, and a popular spot with locals called the “Old Place,” where people go to watch the airplanes taking off from Songshan airport. From Jiantanshan we will then hike to Wenjianshan. It’s not high but also offers good views. The trail is moderate but with many stairs in some parts. Later we will descend down to the Dazhi area and rent U-bikes. We will bike along the river back to Jiantan MRT station. It’s a flat and easy ride. Bring your Easy Card to rent your U-Bike. Helmets are strongly recommended. Preregistration for U-Bike use is required before joining this trip. Wear proper hiking shoes with a good grip. 


January 23rd, 2019 9:00 AM   through   1:30 PM

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Sanxia Old Street, Temple and Indigo Dye Center

Join Jennifer for an adventure to Sanxia, with its endearing old street and beautiful Zhushi Taoist Temple. Included in this tour is a visit to one of the town’s indigo dye centers where you will have the option of creating a hand-dyed item of your choosing (cost not included). Explore Taiwan the way the locals do—using MRT and public bus. Bring your Easy Card and a packed lunch. As many tasty treats and snacks are available to try, you may opt to enjoy some of the local cuisine available. This tour ends back at the Yongning MRT Station.


February 21st, 2019 9:30 AM   through   3:30 PM

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Temple Ornamentations: Shenkeng, New Taipei City

Borrowed some of your suggestions about cropping and brightening colors. So this is the first edit. It’s probably similar to your #1, too. But I pushed all the colors about +20% in HSL esp. on Luminance/Saturation. I also ran it through a filter but I don’t recall which. The filter is in Color FX Pro, Tonal Contrast +25% for a bit of additional pop, if memory serves.

1/500s @ f5.6 ISO 200 on Nikon D3000 @ 65mm on 55mm~200mm Zoom Lens

Treasure Hill #2: Attack!

Sunset over Guandu Bird Park