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Photowalk: Our Island Art Exhibition on May 11th

TLDR; A photowalk with the Our Island Art Photo Exhibition and Photowalkers Taiwan, sponsored by CyberLink, to benefit Father Moal, who has dedicated his life in service of the people of Yuli. Theme of Our Island TEPC’s guiding philosophy is that photography is part of a larger social interaction and that photographers must be engaged in the community. As… Read More »

Calendar of Events: Sources To Inspire Your Next Photowalk

Some photowalkers were asking about creating a calendar of events. However, right now, this is quite difficult to achieve for a variety of reasons. As a stopgap measure, I decided to create an editable document of sources for things happening in Taipei. If you add a listing, that would be great. Listings of event sources could be for… Read More »

How to organize a photowalk: Quick Guide

Are you interested in creating a photowalk for the group? If so, we’ve created a simple document to help get you started. #1 Join our chat (Photowalk Destinations), and get help and feedback from other group leaders. Choose the area where you’d like to visit and photograph, preferably one you already know or will visit before the walk.… Read More »