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Welcome to Photons

Photons (for want of a better name) are for short posts usually from Facebook that don’t escape from the mighty Zucker Borg Empire. I post them here for sharing through the rest of the InterWebs.

Shutter Actuations Day: Double Day

Well, when I bought my little D3000, I discovered the number of actuations of the shutter has about doubled since I purchased it. I guess it’s another reminder of how many photos I actually take. Pity it’s not an accurate estimate of how many good photos I take! 🙁

In a way, it’s kind of a confirmation no matter how many bad pictures I have taken that I now can occasionally a fairly decent shot (about 1% of 1%). I almost always shoot in RAW these days, and I have begun to understand how to get better shots from my little camera.

Private Galleries in WordPress: Well, mostly private

So you have a gallery for a client, and you are using WordPress. There are several ways to do this in WordPress. I’d like to outline one simple way for you to do this

WP Drafts for Friends

It works for simple text, but images may make things a little more complicated. Create a post in draft, add a gallery/images to the post and hit ‘save’. You don’t need to publish the post. Then check the left admin bar, and click on Drafts for Friends. Of course, the images might still be in the Media Gallery so savvy hackers will know where to look, if the htaccess file isn’t set properly or the sitemap includes images.

A sample post.

However, I can think of other uses such as time limited offers, temp download links, etc…!

Lightroom: Small Catalogs vs. Big Catalogs

If you open and close LR during the day more than several times, you’ll quickly notice that small catalogs open faster… much faster than big catalogs. Doh! It takes over the entire screen, and sits there for about 20 secs while 30,000 images load.

I’m now thinking that I should really split my catalog into several and probably by year. Perhaps when I’m rich as Croesus, I’ll have a computer dedicated to running LR 24 hours a day, with my catalog always open. Perhaps.

High Light Work & Print Shop for Creative Photographic Results

If anyone needs prints, frames or nice stuff. I came across this place yesterday @ SynTrend just off Bade Rd.

I haven’t used them so I’ve no idea what they’re like, but the lady Ms. Liao seemed quite helpful. Some English is spoken. Their Metal Prints are gorgeous. or


Crash! Bang! Late Night Camera Horror Story!

Horror of horrors! I put my camera in my bag, left the bag on a bar stool in the room, and went to sleep. About 10 minutes later… KLANG! I turned on the light and my heart almost stopped when I realized the camera had jumped OUT of the bag. It had fallen on the metal stool foot, base first (fortunately)… Now sports two manly scrapes on the base… but the unit seems fine!

Oh, well. The irony is that if I’d put it away properly (i.e. closed the bag zip fully) or put it in a camera bag, it’d have been fine in a fall! So, I should listen to Angie’s advice and use the camera bag!