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Welcome to Photons

Photons (for want of a better name) are for short posts usually from Facebook that don’t escape from the mighty Zucker Borg Empire. I post them here for sharing through the rest of the InterWebs.

Lightroom: Small Catalogs vs. Big Catalogs

If you open and close LR during the day more than several times, you’ll quickly notice that small catalogs open faster… much faster than big catalogs. Doh! It takes over the entire screen, and sits there for about 20 secs while 30,000 images load. I’m now thinking that I should really split my catalog into several and probably… Read More »

Crash! Bang! Late Night Camera Horror Story!

Horror of horrors! I put my camera in my bag, left the bag on a bar stool in the room, and went to sleep. About 10 minutes later… KLANG! I turned on the light and my heart almost stopped when I realized the camera had jumped OUT of the bag. It had fallen on the metal stool foot,… Read More »