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Tamsui – a Town for Photographers, Travelers and Hopeless Romantics in Centered on Taipei, February 2019

Excerpt: “If I could name just one place in Taiwan that would absorb a visitor’s entire day, that’d be Tamsui in New Taipei City. So let me introduce the town to you, experience a taste of its cultural heritage, and find out why it’s creating a real buzz for visitors!” “Tamsui – a Town for Photographers, Travelers and… Read More »

Travel in Taiwan: September 2018

Excerpt: “After having been an avid photography buff for many years, one day not so long ago, I decided to join Photowalkers Taiwan, a Taipei-based group that organizes walks for photography enthusiasts…” “Three Photography Lessons: My Travel Log” published in Travel in Taiwan, September, 2018. Text and Pictures. pg 31.

A Personal Statement: Should you work for free?

Recently members of Photowalkers were asked for selected photos to be republished on a media company’s website and FB feed. The members of Photowalkers range from amateurs using mobile phones to professionals with high-end cameras; but we all enjoy photography and sharing our time, knowledge and photographs. Organisers devote time and energy for no financial gain whatsoever, so that… Read More »

Shopping List for Camera: It gets longer

So once I purchased my new camera, the D3000; I noted a few things that needed to be upgraded. Eyepiece New battery Lens Brush + Lens Cloth New Dry Box and Bags Remote Clicker Camera Bag 18mm~55mm Kit Lens Replacement ND Filter SD Card Reader for Android Extra Lens Bag Dummies Guide to D3000* (new add) I already… Read More »