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Old Photos: New Photos – Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall Photos

Can you spot which is 1993 and which is 2018? Not much difference? Hmmm!

Panoramas in B&W with Silver Efex 2 Pro

This is taken with 4 shots, stitched together, then filtered through Silver Efex 2 Pro using Fine Art Process #18 Presets. I can’t remember the film setting but the original is taken @ ISO3200 so it’s going to be quite grainy… I did it like this to kind of recapture some of what Taiwan would have looked like 50 years ago. Did it succeed?

Different Edits: Dragons of Dapu

You can really play around with the edits in LR. The first Temple Dragon below (left) I pushed the whites and vibrance a little too much, so the clouds got blown out and the orange at the bottom right got a little ‘excited’.

When I redid the 2nd dragon photograph, I dropped the highlights early on and had stronger shadows. I also toned down the saturation a little. I then created a preset called ‘Dragon’, and re-applied these same changes to the first image.

Result was #3. Overall, colors seemed a tad stronger, esp. the red/yellow flowers and greenery in the center bottom areas. Also, the clouds came out looking a little darker. I wasn’t too happy with the Dragon’s nose, so perhaps I could improve that!

Useful Resources for Photography

This serious of posts is as much to help you as it is me. It’s a list of the resources that I am using to help me learn more about photography. I’m putting them in this list, so I can find them again if I need to!