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A Soldier’s Memoir Photograph Exhibition《阿兵哥 – 軍旅記憶》

《阿兵哥 – 軍旅記憶》攝影展 (Facebook) 文化總會

阿兵哥—軍旅記憶 攝影展

★分享導覽開幕茶會:9月8日 星期六 14:00 (missed it!)

★展出地點:文化總會 城南空間No.1(台北市中正區重慶南路二段15號)近捷運小南門4號 , 中正紀念堂1號出口步行約5分鐘。

A Soldier’s Memoir Photograph Exhibition (Facebook)
Sept. 4 ~ October 14 at The General Assembly of Chinese Culture
Tuesday thru’ Sunday 10~5pm.

100, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, Section 2, Chongqing South Road, No. 15

Soldier (阿兵哥—軍旅記憶) is Taiwan’s first photography show about military life as told from the perspective of the soldier. The group show offers a glimpse into the daily life of Taiwanese military…


2018 WONDER FOTO DAY @ Taipei

立即購票 ➤

▲ 展覽日期 |Date
2018/3/16 (Fri.)-18 (Sun.)
▲ 展覽地點 |Venue
臺北松山文創園區 3、4號倉庫
#WonderFotoDay #台北國際攝影藝術交流展 #松菸




▲ 展覽日期 |Date
2018/3/16 (Fri.)-18 (Sun.)
▲ 展覽地點 |Venue
臺北松山文創園區 3、4號倉庫
▲2018/03/15 (Thu.)
15:00 ~ 18:00 Artists Exchange ( SVIP & Artist only)
18:00~20:00 Artists Exchange Party( SVIP & Artist only)
▲2018.03.16 (Fri.)
10:00 ~ 15:00 VIP Preview (VIP Only)
15:00 ~ 19:30 Public Time
▲2018.03.17 (Sat.)
10:00 ~ 19:30 Public Time
▲2018.03.18 (Sun.)
10:00 ~ 17:00 Public Time

Steve McCurry Exhibition at MOCA, Taipei

Just don’t forget to go if you like photography, Steve McCurry or it’s a rainy Sunday! Visit MOCA, Taipei. Until May!

Editing a Cityscape: Wakayama Castle to Kuiisido Straits, Japan

Last year’s trip to Japan produced a wealth of photos that I’ve not had time to work on. However, I found this city scape shot from Wakayama Castle looking westwards.

I followed the Lightroom video created by Yuri, called “How to create stunning sunset photos” … though he spoke so fast! I then edited a little in ColorEfxPro4, with the Fuji Superia400 Film selected. Not sure if it’s better what do you think?

DaDaoCheng Gallery: Reflections on the Workshop