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TEPC Critique June 2016

TEPC March 10th

T E P C Taiwan Exchange Photo Club

A monthly meeting around a dinner to share 5 pictures on a theme selected in advance. Constructive critics and advise (technical or artisitc) are welcomed. So if you'd like to see some great photographs, and get some useful feedback, you're welcome to join the group.

On Facebook a place to exchange and where we can share the “5” pictures we show during the monthly meeting and also the one we couldn’t show during that meeting. Here's some of my recent images.

TEPC #4 – April Selection

TEPC #3 – March Selection

Privileged to attend the next meeting of Patrice Delmotte’s group, TEPC. Held today, March 11th 2017 at Patrice’s Studio. I want to share the photographs I showed, nothing compared to the fine photography that Patrice, and the others showed. Here are my contributions: