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Father Yves Moal: Source of Inspiration for Social Re-integration in Yuli

Excerpt: “Our Island Exhibition, featured in the May 2019 issue of Centered on Taipei, was a recent art photo exhibition held by the photography group Taiwan Exchange Photo Club (TEPC). We organized the exhibition to raise funds to support the charitable work of Father Yves Moal in Yuli, Hualien County. On the weekend of June 29th~30th, participants from… Read More »

TEPC’s OUR ISLAND Exhibition: Bringing Everyone Together

Excerpt: “During the TEPC Exhibition, one of our social values has been to include everyone in our social action to help Father Moal’s charitable works. We’ve talked to photographers, collectors, friends, family, colleagues, students, visitors, and even strangers…” “TEPC’s OUR ISLAND Exhibition: Bringing Everyone Together” published in Centered on Taipei, June 2019. Text only. Images by TEPC members.… Read More »

TEPC’s OUR ISLAND Exhibition: Making a difference one shot at a time

Excerpt: “With a camera, photographers often take shots reflecting the social issues of the day. But Patrice Delmotte, a well-known fine art and studio photographer, and the photographers who make up the Taiwan Exchange Photography Club (TEPC) have often stepped out from behind the lens to help various charitable organizations in Taiwan…” “TEPC’s OUR ISLAND Exhibition: Making a… Read More »

Tamsui – a Town for Photographers, Travelers and Hopeless Romantics in Centered on Taipei, February 2019

Excerpt: “If I could name just one place in Taiwan that would absorb a visitor’s entire day, that’d be Tamsui in New Taipei City. So let me introduce the town to you, experience a taste of its cultural heritage, and find out why it’s creating a real buzz for visitors!” “Tamsui – a Town for Photographers, Travelers and… Read More »