Shopping List for Camera: It gets longer

By | April 24, 2018

So once I purchased my new camera, the D3000; I noted a few things that needed to be upgraded.

  • Eyepiece
  • New battery
  • Lens Brush + Lens Cloth
  • New Dry Box and Bags
  • Remote Clicker
  • Camera Bag
  • 18mm~55mm Kit Lens
  • Replacement ND Filter
  • SD Card Reader for Android
  • Extra Lens Bag
  • Dummies Guide to D3000* (new add)

I already had a shorter tripod. Though I purchased a 2nd hand camera, I felt that I didn’t want to skimp on additional equipment to make the most of the device.

It wasn’t without problems; my Toshiba FlashAir Card isn’t compatible with the D3000 so I’m not able to use it with this camera, though it should work with later models; and the SD Card Reader turned out to be a little ropey, (the device works well, but the connector to the mobile phone – USB to mini-USB – isn’t solid).

Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash