Drama from Disks: What’s a guy with no space to do?

By | July 12, 2018

So the inevitable happened… what a suprise! My HD is full… FULL! And I blame NIKON for making me take so many photographs! I mean it’s not my fault that my HD is full…

Photo by Vincent Botta on Unsplash

So now I have to decide: fit a bigger internal drive or go for an external drive… but then I have about 400GB to go on Dropbox… which makes me wonder… what happens when I fill up GB. There is NOWHERE to go… no add-ons… perhaps I should quit on Dropbox next renewal and just move to Google for storage. Why doesn’t DBX offer bigger plans? 1GB isn’t enough any more for many people…

Mmm… Decisions, decisions…

Filipe Rios: There will never be a large enough drive to keep fitting inside the laptop.
External HDD all the way.

KJ Dickson:  Since I don’t use previews in LR at the moment, I dumped the entire bunch… I might have to reenable that function?

Filipe Rios:  KJ Dickson it is much better. Dump the RAW on external drive and use previews to edit.
Much faster. Mind: if you need to go to photoshop or export your images, do it when the original RAW is available.

Craig Ferguson:  What size drive do you have now?

KJ Dickson:  500GB internal, TB (full) ext. and pictures expanding too fast even for Dropbox (which I will drop this year because they don’t have a bigger plan). I also need to cull more… but I don’t really have the time to extensively cull photos… I doubt I could cull 00GB though.

Craig Ferguson:  If it’s a desktop, you can get 2TB internal drives for about 500 these days.

KJ Dickson:  Craig Ferguson I might get one of the small size drives… that should do for a while. I guess… Thanks for all the suggestions… I managed to find a little wiggle room right now. Moved a leg folder to c drive cleared 20GB. Deleted a folder and just stored the stuff online. Now I might alter the disk partitions for about 10GB extra space from c drive. So I am good for about 2 months…  I just found out I hadn’t backed up any of my photographs for the latter half of 2017! So if you make any kind of backup, don’t forget to test it out, don’t assume it just works! So now it looks like I’m out of space again!

Gee! I remember when I thought 80GB hard drive was HUGE!