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Corridors of Power

It’s rare to get a chance to visit the Presidential palace with full photography gear, no holds barred type access. Though there were a few no-go places… we got to see the Corridors of Power. And I finally entered the Photography Competition. I’ll do a complete upload of my finished set shortly.

The deadline is near for this competition. I swant to take part, but it was so hard to choose from all the different photographs that I took. I should have had a much more thorough set, but I often find myself too excited, tired, too whatever to concentrate on the opportunity at hand. Probably one reason I’m not an event photographer.

After shuffling through over 200 images, I finally chose my entry. I called it: “Throw Open The Doors”. Apparently, these doors are never closed. I’m sure the meaning is symbolic: that the doors of power are always open, that the powers that be are always working… something like that!

The original image isn’t perfect by any means: ISO quality not great @ 400; there is motion blur from the slow shutter speed 1/25s. Of course, it’s an action shot, so I didn’t have the chance to reshoot this scene within a short time. The original RAW looked like the left image, I squared it a little to focus on the people coming through the door. I couldn’t bring myself to center the door, though I centered the people.

Then Exposure +.6; contrast -6. Highlights -76; Shadows +58; Whites +18; Blacks -18 to get a wider dynamic range in B&W. Then a slight boost to Clarity/Dehaze, despite TC Lin warning me about these, of +5. A touch more vibrance, too. Finally lots of sharpening & masking. Extra luminance/detail/Smoothness. Perhaps I overdid the color/detail settings, too.

I ran it through Silver FX Pro, which of course converted it to B&W. Tweaked structure, lights and darks, and a few other knobs. For this.

Tea Leaves of Taipei: APEC Entry #3

Location: Pinglin, New Taipei City, Taiwan, Chinese Taipei (Member Economy of APEC).

Tea is fundamental to many APEC countries, where it is grown, harvested, and savored. In a modern world, tea somehow is a rich connection to the history and traditions of the past. But the future of tea culture is essential to sustainable agriculture. Its farmers are no less important today, and should not be left behind in the rush to development. Let’s embrace inclusive sharing of our tea culture. May it continue to be enjoyed among all the countries of Asia as part of our shared heritage.

Part of the APEC 2018 Photo Contest

Reach for the Skies via Route 66: APEC Entry #2

Location: Taken at New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido, Japan.

This photograph tells the story of connections via the airport. Passengers from all over Asia region enjoy trips to Hokkaido, Japan on affordable airlines. Riding down the escalator of regional integration, they are invited to take Route 66, a fabled route integral to the development and prosperity of the Western states of the USA. A reminder that air connectivity is important to the future development and integration of APEC. The image has been gently edited to remove airline brands.

Part of the APEC 2018 Photo Contest

Two Girls’ Digital Futures: APEC Entry #1


Location: Taipei City, Taiwan, Chinese Taipei (Member Economy of APEC)

Two unknown girls sit resting in Taipei City, Chinese Taipei, after elementary school. One pulls out her tablet and starts quietly working on her own. Whether she is studying, creating or playing an educational game is unclear. She’s busy, however. Clearly, the future of all APEC economies is not just technology-based, but getting children, and especially girls, started early on technology-based learning will help build digital futures for them, their familiies, and their societies.

That they are girls is also important, women increasingly earn bigger shares of family income across many societies so they become important financial contributors to family stability and sustainability for both boys and girls. Creating a strong digital future, especially for girls, creates an inclusive society where traditional family values are supported and sustained by education; where futures in STEM subjects aren’t just dreamed of by girls, but embraced by women.

Part of the APEC 2018 Photo Contest

Photo Entry #5: 101 Cityscapes


Taken in HDR mode on Asus Zenfone 2, December 2017

East District View