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Red Room Article @ Centered on Taipei, September 2018

Excerpt: “Photowalkers Taipei has been organizing photowalks for several years already. We welcome anyone with an interest in photography, regardless of their level of ability. We aim to draw in all members of the local community to share our common love for photographs and photography.”

Photowalkers Taipei creates a mini-RED Exhibition @ Red Room” published in Centered on Taipei, September, 2018. Text. Pictures by Alicia Haddad. pg 14.

Travel in Taiwan: September 2018


Excerpt: “After having been an avid photography buff for many years, one day not so long ago, I decided to join Photowalkers Taiwan, a Taipei-based group that organizes walks for photography enthusiasts…”

Three Photography Lessons: My Travel Log” published in Travel in Taiwan, September, 2018. Text and Pictures. pg 31.

Living with the Heat in Summer: Top Tips to Survive & Thrive

Excerpt: “We all share a world that is warming slowly, so the record temperatures Taipei is experiencing this year are likely to become more frequent. To look after yourself and your loved ones in our warmer world, you need to learn effective strategies to deal with the problems caused by excessive heat. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep your cool in Taipei’s sweltering sizzle.”

Living with the Heat in Summer: Top Tips to Survive & Thrive” published in Centered on Taipei, August, 2018. Text. pg 22-23.

Zhonghe: From Little Burma to Hongludi Temple

Excerpt: “Thoughout greater Taipei, a metropolis of nearly seven million inhabitants, you’ll find streets and sectors which residents from other parts of Taiwan and the rest of the world have come to call home, little pockets of immigrants who’ve come to make Taiwan their home over the last century.”

Zhonghe: From Little Burma to Hongludi” published in Centered on Taipei, June, 2018. Text and pictures. pg 9-11.

Taipei Station @ Night: Featured on VSCOTaiwan @ Instagram