Photowalkers’ Interviews: Would you like a little free PR?

Hi, fellow photowalker in Taipei!

I was wondering, as a member of Photowalkers, if you would mind doing a short email interview about your photography and letting me use one or two of your images from Instagram for an article I’m writing for the local Centered on Taipei magazine produced by the Community Center in Taipei.

I think your photography would be a good match as I’m trying to cover a diverse range. I’ve attached the questions for you, just to let you know what I’m thinking of asking. There is unfortunately a short deadline for this interview of February 10th.

If you don’t want to type, we can a face 2 face interview! Would that be okay?

Q1. Can you introduce yourself and your photography
Q2. How did you get started taking photography in Taipei?
Q3. What kind of photography do you specialize in? Why?
Q4. How did you get involved with Photowalkers?
Q5. Tell us what you’ve been photographing lately.
Q6. Who or what inspires you to take better photos? Why?

With your permission, I’d like to feature 2 photos in your Instagram collection in the article that represent what you photograph to inspire other photowalkers. Would that be okay for you?

Sample Interviews can be found here. Contact me for more information!