/r/Nikon monthly photo assignment [July 2018] via /r/Nikon

/r/Nikon monthly photo assignment [July 2018]

Welcome to this month’s r/Nikon monthly photo assignment!

Another month, another photo assignment! Here is a chance to show what photos you can take with your gear – simply take a photo with the current month’s assignment topic in mind, and post a link to it in the comments below.

Congratulations to the following redditors, who had the highest scoring submissions in the month of June, which had the topic of Reflection:

  1. /u/drdraxx’s submission, titled ‘Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque view from Wahat al Karama.’ with 13 upvotes
  2. /u/lensupthere’s submission titled ‘reflections’, with 10 upvotes
  3. /u/ruijieshao’s submission titled ‘Urban jungle’, with 9 upvotes

Well done and thank you to everyone who participated! We had heaps of submissions and lots of upvotes, always great to see.

At this stage I can’t say there’s any prizes, other than that sweet, sweet comment karma, but for the redditors mentioned above, great work!

This month’s topic is: Hometown

Let’s take a look at where you are currently living – city or country? What do you love about your home town that you want to share with the world?

The photo you share with us must be taken during the current month; after all, the point of this assignment is to get you, the photographer, out there and taking photos!

It would be great if we can all stick to the following points:

  • Please submit only one photo per assignment – obviously your best one!
  • Your assignment submission must be taken during the current month.
  • Upload to your Flickr account with EXIF data, or you can upload to Imgur and add the list of gear you used in your comment underneath the link
  • It goes with saying – photo must be taken with some sort of Nikon photography equipment. Whether that’s a Nikon 1, DSLR (with a Nikon lens or otherwise), bridge camera or Coolpix camera, or a Nikon lens on another manufacturer’s body, is all acceptable.
  • Images submitted to the assignment must be Safe For Work (SFW)
  • Feel free to comment on other people’s submissions. Of course, any comments placed need to follow the subreddit rules (see sidebar)

We’ve all been beginners at one stage in our lives, so don’t be intimidated with more seasoned photogs, all submissions are most welcome!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and take some photos!

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