Taipei Environs

Taipei evokes feelings of space and time with structures that bridge the past and the future. In a way, the city dweller is a time traveler.

City Observed

Despite the confines of urbanity, people find ways to express themselves. The mobile phone allows people to creatively express their identity.

Natural World

Rocks, trees, flowers, rivers… Even in the concrete jungle, there are subtle reminders that we co-exist in a natural world. Stop, open your eyes and look!

Strange Feeling

And yet, despite the closeness & familiarity, cities still provide that strange experience that stimulates, excites or frightens you.

Random City

Randomity is the randomness that we experience in city life or the serendipity of being in the right place at the right time.

Street Workshop

Street photography combines all of these elements in the search for surprise and meaning among the randomity of city life.