Credits: FLIGHT 109: a short travelogue for stage (Tavali/Shakespeare) | 109號班機 : 短篇舞台劇 live performance

Taipei Shorts has been putting on an annual season of shows for the past couple of years, and last year Alicia Haddad and John Brownlie invited some photowalkers to help shoot the rehearsals to help with shooting the event.

Of course, this was acutely awkward for actors who prefer live rather than recorded action. Part of the zeitgeist of acting. So I tried to be as invisible as possible, at least as far as a 100kg person with a large camera/lens strapped around the neck can be.

Well, the lighting turned out to be far harder to deal with than any of the actors by a huge margin! The actors were fabulous. The lights strong, direct and unforgiving of my errors in focus/shutter speed… whatever.

Taipei Shorts: Selected Photos for Front Lobby, 2020

I did manage to get a few shots that weren’t too bad. And one of those shots ended up, despite the poor lighting gracing the end of this video. You can also find it on this page.

No description available.
I have this framed on the wall right here as I type!

So either way you gotta scroll or watch to the end of the video! Should I include a screenshot? Why make it easy for you! Anyway, you’ll enjoy the Taipei Short: Flight 109.

AT Beaune, the gentleman’s hands in the video, was directing the video’ and he ultimately produced the video which you can view right here.

Thanks for making this possible!

Photography is Light. Only Light. Text by Patrice Delmotte with a dash of help

Edited this article and suggested where to get it published! The wonderful studio photography of Patrice Delmotte!

Excerpt: “There is beauty in every being and everything, it is up to you to discover and exploit it. Use it, but always have as a priority your own pleasure, which is another key to your success.”

Photography is Light. Only Light“, published in Centered on Taipei, December 2019. Editorial. All images by Patrice Delmotte. pg. 22~23.

Photowalkers’ Gallery and Profile: Amaris Woo – Interview

I was able to interview and edit this interview with Amaris Woo, one of our most active recent members.

Excerpt: “For November’s issue of Centered on Taipei, we recently interviewed Amaris Woo to find out how she manages to be an active member of Photowalkers. Despite not living in Taiwan, she hasn’t let that stop her attending since 2017. Her most recent photowalk, in September, was her tenth!”

Photowalkers’ Gallery and Profile: Amaris Woo“, published in Centered on Taipei, November 2019. All images by Amaris Woo. pg. 20~21.

Father Yves Moal: Source of Inspiration for Social Re-integration in Yuli

Excerpt: “Our Island Exhibition, featured in the May 2019 issue of Centered on Taipei, was a recent art photo exhibition held by the photography group Taiwan Exchange Photo Club (TEPC). We organized the exhibition to raise funds to support the charitable work of Father Yves Moal in Yuli, Hualien County. On the weekend of June 29th~30th, participants from the TEPC exhibition traveled to Yuli to …”

Father Yves Moal: Source of Inspiration for Social Re-integration in Yuli” published in Centered on Taipei, August 2019. Text & some images. Other images by Patrice Delmotte. pg. 12~14.