Beipu Citian Temple Roof: November 2017

By | November 29, 2017

Ok, so I asked the Photowalkers group if they had any thoughts on improving this Panorama, created by Lightroom from 3 separate photos.

Kenny Paul replied: “I’d bring up the Shadows and Vibrance. Apply some Sharpening and Noise Reduction. Perhaps a dash of the Ooh-la-la.”

Version 2 is Shadows & Vibrance increased by 40 each. Sharpening and Noise Reduction was increased by 20, with an extra splash of Detail.

I’m still looking for the Ooh-la-la switch! I think it might be under the “Artistic Vision” panel… but that seems to be missing!

At Josh Ellis’ suggestion, version 3 is cropped to remove the LED (I liked it!), and I also learned how to straighten stuff! It hasn’t quite removed the panoramic distortion… and the crop is a little different. I also added Kenny’s suggestions for editing the picture. I will work on the panoramic distortion tomorrow!

But I’m working on an awfully low quality and yellow monitor, which I hate! I need a laptop with a really good screen… Is a Mac the answer? Or can I find a PC with a really good screen that doesn’t have the night mode type function? I tried to turn off F.Lux on this ASUS… but it is still sucky.

Catch you tomorrow!