EditmyRAW #3: Beach Shoes by NajuSan

I thought I’d try another RAW edit from Reddit/EditmyRAW. This time it’s a shot of a pair of shoes on the beach. Actually, it’s not a bad image at all. I like the arrangement, so I edited lightly.

The Original Image

The Beach Shoes Image was taken by a Redditor called NajuSan. Shot on Canon EOS10 with a Tamron 18-200mm F3~5.6 Diii VC B018 Lens. Settings are: f22 @ 1/125 at 18mm on ISO200. Uncropped the raw file came in under 10MB! So there’s plenty of data to play with, and tighter cropping should still result in a fairly decent image.

I’ve edited the image gently, straightened the horizon. The biggest change is probably the addition of a warm filter, since I like later afternoon warm light. The image was actually shot in the morning.

The Edited Image

So here’s the edited image. You can check out the other images in the discussion. One weirdness occurred when I applied the preset: the tools on the right changed.

So I’ve had a little fun playing with those to see what happens: What is ‘recovery’? I have to go research that! Well, left image is recovered 100, right is unrecovered with slightly pushed blacks to restore the blacks of the original image.

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