Read the F**king Manual: How many times have I been told?

So there I am, out on the streets of Yingge snapping away! And a fine trip it was, thanks to Chenbl & TC Lin. But for the umpteenth time, I found that I had set my ISO to 3200 just as an upper limit only to find that I’d shot dozens of photos IN ISO3200. Now, if you’re using a decent camera, you wouldn’t probably face this issue… but the Nikon D3000 has a lot of noise at 400ISO and upwards, esp. when the light drops below a minimum. So I end up with a raft of shots that aren’t ideal, and need a bit of LR magic which sometimes works out, and sometimes doesn’t.

As described to Kenny: “I shot a whole batch with ISO at 3200… now how blonde is that?… if you know the D3000 you’d care. If you’re using a MODERN camera, you’d not even notice… The D3000 @ ISO3200 works well in bright light… but when things get murky, it turns really pixelated…”

Alicia was with me, when I mentioned this problem… she looked at me and said, “You read the manual, right?” Hah! I think the only manual I ever read back to back was the four page wonder I got with my last phone: page 1 picture, page 2 list of buttons, page 3 how to turn it on and charge it, and page 4 warranty information. “Eh… No!” I said hopefully.

Somehow I’ve managed to take nearly 7000 photos (a large percentage of duds) without ever really reading the manual in-depth so I haven’t grasped the finer points of my Nikon D3000. OK! Here goes!

See… I am reading the manual! I learned a couple of things too

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So now you know, when you bitch about the camera or any equipment, the first thing you hear is: RTFM. And it’s true! You should. I should! I will… but I might skip a little if I can! Anyway, thanks to fellow photowalkers, like Kenny, Alicia, Josh, Craig, Filipe, Patrique, … they all keep me on the right settings – EVENTUALLY!