Red Room Exhibition of Selected Photowalkers’ Works in Centered on Taipei, November 2018

By | November 7, 2018

Excerpt: “Our chance to print and exhibit photos started as a dream, and one that Junku Nishimura, a well-known street photographer from Japan, encouraged at the BurnMyEye Street Photo Workshop in Dadaocheng, 2017. Get your photos on paper, put them on a wall, invite people to see… how difficult could it be?”

Reflections on the Photowalkers’ Mini-Exhibition at Red Room 2018” published in Centered on Taipei, November 2018. Text and pictures by Kenneth Dickson & Alicia Haddad. Exhibits by Individual Photowalkers: Patrick Drouet, Nick Kembel, Jonathan Jiunn-Horng Chen, Ryan Hevern, Dilip Bhoye, Jerry Shyh-Shiun Wang, Kenneth Dickson. Pg 14~17.