TEPC Top Five Preliminary Selection for My Island Exhibition

By | September 26, 2018

Here is my selection of five (shh! I can’t count!) for the exhibition next year. I’ve worked on a twist of some images to add a visual element.

Keelung: Wangyogou Bay is a long exposure that challenged me in LR/PS a great deal and went through numerous iterations.

The same lessons I applied to the 2nd image of Fisherman’s Wharf in Tamsui, except this was a vertical panorama that weighs in at nearly 280MBs of data. There was one major element that I removed because of how ugly it looked… won’t tell you where.

The third image, Barrel of Orange, is also an HDR image composite. An orange and black oil barrel found abandoned on one of the beaches, it stretched my imagination trying to bring out the colors. With Patrice’s encouragement, I stripped away the other beach refuse and focused on two colors only: black and orange, which is a great combination.

The fourth image is a window, painted on a yellow wall. Alas, it was taken with a higher ISO of 2000 in daylight shade in a cafe in Taipei. The wall is attractively colored with a rough texture. The window challenges the viewer because no line is straight, no corner exactly 90 degrees. The texture inside wall is illuminated by the lamp. Notice also the little purple hand pointing a gesture (in the UK, a rude one!).

I’m still debating the wisdom of the fifth image’s choice of Black & White. WordPress is making a slight hash of the compression/display of this image. It looks much better on my screen. Still debating.

The last image is taken from a 2nd floor passageway overlooking some of the financial buildings in the East District of Taipei. Obviously at night, the image itself is a composite Panorama, with a central element added from one of the original images. Shot in color, it has been converted to Black & White for better effect.

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