The Parking Buddy’s Hut: Vertical Panorama

Table for…? Service might be, … well… unsteady here.

It’s actually a panorama (vertical) from four shots (as if you couldn’t guess)… There is some distortion, still. Patrice is always encouraging me to go closer. I kinda wish I’d gone upto the front door now. Peered inside… but I didn’t.
I expected the grumpy old man to jump out and ask what I was upto… Of course, I’d have said: “Table for 2, please”! Somehow, I think it’s been a while since anyone was working inside that booth.
The pano topped out at 275MB so in my little old machine, editing became choppy (PC with 8GB of memory). I think it’s time to use my $$$ to buy a bigger/faster/more evil machine! 8000px by 9000 approx.
I was tempted to click the enhance button to see how much bigger the file would get… but I’ve no ambition to do night shift, tonight. I actually gave up editing it as it was… I’d need to shrink it down to something my PC can chew on. This will cause it to choke!