Photowalk: Tobie’s Wonderful Wulai Trip – June 2nd, 2019

Picture Post from our recent Photowalk to Wulai, all kindly arranged by Tobie Openshaw, our totally awesome & generous tour guide! I’ll be adding details shortly about the actual places we visited.

I just wanted to share my appreciation with Tobie Openshaw and Catherine Openshaw who entertained our group of Photowalkers as we went up to Wulai, and enjoyed a guided tour with insight, understanding and compassion for the original inhabitants of the area.

We stopped off at the Tayal museum, saw at least two waterfalls brimming with water from the recent rains, took in some unique coffee with Magau, green rugged scenery… and we learned a lot about the recent changes in Taiwan society.

Of course, the food for lunch was out of this world… I was TOO hungry to stop and take photos. And well, the coffee flavored with Magau was quite fresh and citrus smelling. Enjoyable!



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1 jpg Millet Wine Ritual Tobie Openshaw explaining the Millet Wine Ritual
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