Place for your better photos?

By | April 27, 2016

I was brought to this website as an alternative place to display my photographs. There are so many places for the photographer to display photographs, but you have to ask yourself why you want to display your photographs.

  • Is it a place to dump everything?
  • Do you want to be selective?
  • Do you need a community of photographers?
  • Can you pay for service? How much?
  • Are there apps for your computers & devices? Do you have to do manual updates?
  • What about WordPress integration?

FineArtAmerica: Fine for me!

I chose FineArtAmerica because it allows me to be selective in my uploads.


But recently, I’ve not uploaded too much. Should I drop it? What do you think?

In the end, I did drop it. I enjoyed having a profile there, but felt conflicted. Uploading images wasn’t easy, but the community aspects were quite good. Not as easy as Flickr to upload, but way better than 500px or IG for creating interesting portfolio of work. I would do it again, if they could improve the uploading tool!