Welcome to the first in my series of galleries, photos taken each month and selected as my home page. It started as an accident in December 2016, when I was trying to speed up my site. I created a lower res page using a gallery plugin, but the page was slow to load. So I screenshot the entire page, reduced its size somewhat, and uploaded it to be my homepage ‘covershot’.

Since April, I’ve started taking a lot more photographs than before with my new camera. In October, it became a monthly regular by virtue of being bored with the original photos. Then in November, I decided to do it as a regular activity.

Right now, there is no real rational to choosing the photographs, except that it triggers a reaction in me that makes me stop and think about it. You’ll also see photographs from previous months included, as a blend of continuity and new images. I’m sure the entire series will evolve even more as each month progresses.

December 2016 Gallery. Recent photography, unthemed. To view the current gallery selection, click here.

By LookThrough2023

"A Look Through The Lens" is my website to share some of my photos with you. Welcome!