Online Critique and Group Drink – July 3rd 2021

By | June 28, 2021

Darren Melrose has invited us to the next Photowalkers Critique

Level 3 has been extended, so let’s get together virtually and do a critique session. If you’ve done one before, you know how it works. If not, you are more than welcome.

We’ll meet through Google Meet and spend some time looking at, and discussing each others’ photos.

**Photo Reqs.**

Photos of all types are welcome. I hope everyone can submit four photos for this critique. I’ve found that these sessions go a little more slowly, so we’ll go with a few less photos.

**Sharing & Uploading**

I’ll figure out exactly how we’ll share the photos (I’m leaning towards Lightroom), but will let you know. Since we don’t know what screens other photographers are using, photos that fit into a 4K screen (4096x2160pixels) would be great. Don’t upsize if your photos are smaller, but please don’t send me full sized photos form your 100mp medium format rigs either.

**How to Submit!**

Submit Deadline: July 2nd.
In the past, people have typically submitted at the last minute. Please don’t do that! If you could get your photos to me 24 hours in advance, I will be able to get them up and ready to view. Don’t wait until the last minute!

I’ll post some details about how to submit soon. Probably the best method will be to share a Google Drive folder with me.

**What can I show?**

Show us your latest work. Dig into your vaults and show us your earliest work. Doesn’t matter, it’s all good for a critique.

Come ready to have your photos judged, and also be ready to talk thoughtfully about other photos. This will be a fun even. Also, let’s be honest: you are unlikely to be doing anything more interesting under partial lockdown.

I look forward to seeing you all through your webcams.

Darren Melrose