Online Critique and Group Drink – July 3rd 2021

Darren Melrose has invited us to the next Photowalkers Critique

Level 3 has been extended, so let’s get together virtually and do a critique session. If you’ve done one before, you know how it works. If not, you are more than welcome.

We’ll meet through Google Meet and spend some time looking at, and discussing each others’ photos.

**Photo Reqs.**

Photos of all types are welcome. I hope everyone can submit four photos for this critique. I’ve found that these sessions go a little more slowly, so we’ll go with a few less photos.

**Sharing & Uploading**

I’ll figure out exactly how we’ll share the photos (I’m leaning towards Lightroom), but will let you know. Since we don’t know what screens other photographers are using, photos that fit into a 4K screen (4096x2160pixels) would be great. Don’t upsize if your photos are smaller, but please don’t send me full sized photos form your 100mp medium format rigs either.

**How to Submit!**

Submit Deadline: July 2nd.
In the past, people have typically submitted at the last minute. Please don’t do that! If you could get your photos to me 24 hours in advance, I will be able to get them up and ready to view. Don’t wait until the last minute!

I’ll post some details about how to submit soon. Probably the best method will be to share a Google Drive folder with me.

**What can I show?**

Show us your latest work. Dig into your vaults and show us your earliest work. Doesn’t matter, it’s all good for a critique.

Come ready to have your photos judged, and also be ready to talk thoughtfully about other photos. This will be a fun even. Also, let’s be honest: you are unlikely to be doing anything more interesting under partial lockdown.

I look forward to seeing you all through your webcams.

Darren Melrose

T E P C Online Critique – June 2021: T E P C Taiwan Exchange Photo Club

A monthly meeting around a dinner to share 5 pictures on a theme/set of images selected in advance. Constructive criticism and advices (technical or artistic) are welcome.

This will take place via Facebook in a place to exchange and where we can share the “5” pictures we show during the monthly meeting and perhaps also the one we couldn’t show during that meeting.

June 12th Meeting!

Though we’ll be meeting online, let us have, as always, a fun night and a good way to get good opinions on how to improve our photos.

Follow the steps:

  1.  As usual, everyone should select five (5) photographs to put up for critical discussion. The max. size will be 2732 x 2048 pixels. (Your pictures will be deleted afterwards).
  2. Upload the files to:
  3. Find your google gmail account+password so you can access the meeting.
  4. We will use Google Meet to view the photos and discuss. If things go awry, we will switch to FB Messenger!
  5. You will need either a mobile phone/pad or computer equipped with video/voice.
  6. We will start the meeting early to get things working properly. Don’t forget to buy your favorite beer!
  7. Order of photographers is determined by the order received. First in >>> First shown. Last in >>> Last shown. So get your pictures in earlier! Don’t leave it the last day!
  8. All images are deleted after the meeting so keep a copy! I certainly won’t!

Attending the Critique

We will start the meeting on FB before moving to Google Meet (location may vary). Images will be shown as a presentation in Meet, but higher quality will be shown through a Dropbox folder. So you’ll need both open. Both locations will be shared via FB beforehand. Stay tuned!

We recommend multiple screens (at least two) to help with viewing, I’ll place the images in a separate folder for high quality viewing, as well. Chat on #1, view on #2 (we may try screensharing but the image quality is lower).

July’s meeting will be held second Saturday in July, probably Saturday 10th! Upload location will open shortly.

This events is supported by T E P C

Kenneth and Patrice

Taipei Shorts II: September 11th ~ 14th!

The second season of Taipei Shorts is approaching. I was asked if I wanted to sit in on the dress rehearsals and take some shots for publicity! Well, yes!

Alicia and John are planning to hold Taipei Shorts beginning September 11th ~ 13th! All welcome to come. Details soon!

Virtual Exhibition – Earth and Environment 2020 – 2nd Call for Images

Photowalkers, TEPC, & RedRoom believe that this beautiful planet we live on is in crisis, that sustainability and ecology require urgent action, and that photographers capture and portray both Earth’s beauty and Earth’s fragility. Moreover, the people of Earth cannot be merely as actors on a stage.

  • Let’s show man’s place in nature.
  • Let’s show how people from our communities in Taiwan gather together to protect Earth.
  • Let’s show how people can contribute to the preservation of our beautiful, fragile planet.

Virtual Exhibition – Earth and Environment 2020 2nd Call for Images

This exhibition will explore these issues through the medium of photography in a Virtual Gallery & Hosted Online Event as humanity faces our own viral challenges. We will create a VIRTUAL GALLERY that viewers can navigate with a mouse or keyboard, so when they stop in front of a particular photo, a video will pop up of the photographer introducing the work. A hosted event will be held on the WebEx platform, date and time to be announced.

Invitation & Photography

We invite photographers to submit a series of images of Taiwan in any genre, that explore one or several aspects of Earth and Environment and show man’s place in nature. This can include landscapes, wildlife, or humans’ interaction with nature.

The 6 images may be submitted as singles or in a series that tell a story.  We reserve the right to select, or reject, any number of images from any photographer.  Once the selection is made, we will invite each photographer to submit captions, and to record a video introduction to each photo.  We will assist in creating the videos if possible.

Entry & Qualifications:

There is no fee for entry. Submissions can be from 2~6 images for your set. The submissions are open until the deadline June 21st @ 1:00AM (Taipei Time).


Any unique image from any camera is eligible to enter. Images uploaded should be 2048px long side or max 3mb in JPG format.

Submissions Steps:

  1. Complete the submission form (download). 
  2. Upload the images and submission form to Our Dropbox Open Request (no dropbox account needed)

Any problems, reach me via the contact form or on TEPC.


The exhibition is open to all who are over 18 years of age. You must have taken the submitted images yourself.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Photographers agree to allow us to display the images during the exhibition, in the gallery and elsewhere online for the purposes of the Exhibition. Credit will be given to the photographers, of course. You also agree that no monetary compensation will be provided for your images for any reason at any time by the organizers, RedRoom or any of the sponsors.

We look forward very much to seeing your submissions!

OUR ISLAND Exhibition – 我們的島嶼展覽



An Art Photo Exhibition
to support and honor the charitable work of Father Yves MOAL

In TEPC, we believe in sharing and mutual caring. We think that photography is part of a larger social interaction and that we must be engaged in our community.

So the photographers at TEPC have joined forces in this new exhibition in support of Father Moal, who has dedicated his life to the service of the people in Yuli over many years. All donations received by Father Moal will be used to support the work of his organization in Yuli.

An Art Photo Exhibition
in support and honor of the charitable work of Father Yves MOAL

May 11th to May 23rd, 2019

Grand Opening
Saturday, May 11th 2019 at 3:00pm

Hours: Monday to Friday 10:00am to 8:00pm
Saturday/Sunday 10:00am to 6:00pm

Including these special events

  • Family Portrait Shoot, Sunday May 12th – All day
  • Photowalk Event, Sunday May 12th – Starts at 3pm
  • Photography Competitions, Starts March 5th. Announces Saturday May 18th – 2:00pm ~ 4:00pm
  • Lucky Draw, Sunday May 19th – 5:00pm

2F, #431, Bade Road, Section 2, Taipei City

More information at