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Quanji Temple in Jinguashi, Jiufen

“That’s Guan Gong at Quanji Temple (勸濟堂) in Jinguashi. Apart from having a cool statue on top the temple itself also has a number of intriguing artifacts harkening back to the mining days…” Alexandar Synaptix from

A Soldier’s Memoir Photograph Exhibition《阿兵哥 – 軍旅記憶》

《阿兵哥 – 軍旅記憶》攝影展 (Facebook) 文化總會 阿兵哥—軍旅記憶 攝影展 ★展出日期:9月4日~10月14日 ★分享導覽開幕茶會:9月8日 星期六 14:00 (missed it!) ★週二至週日10:00-17:00(週一休館) ★展出地點:文化總會 城南空間No.1(台北市中正區重慶南路二段15號)近捷運小南門4號 , 中正紀念堂1號出口步行約5分鐘。 ★免費進場 A Soldier’s Memoir Photograph Exhibition (Facebook) Sept. 4 ~ October 14 at The General Assembly of Chinese Culture Tuesday thru’ Sunday 10~5pm. 100, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, Section 2, Chongqing South Road, No. 15 Soldier (阿兵哥—軍旅記憶) is Taiwan’s first photography… Read More »