Credits: FLIGHT 109: a short travelogue for stage (Tavali/Shakespeare) | 109號班機 : 短篇舞台劇 live performance

Taipei Shorts has been putting on an annual season of shows for the past couple of years, and last year Alicia Haddad and John Brownlie invited some photowalkers to help shoot the rehearsals to help with shooting the event.

Of course, this was acutely awkward for actors who prefer live rather than recorded action. Part of the zeitgeist of acting. So I tried to be as invisible as possible, at least as far as a 100kg person with a large camera/lens strapped around the neck can be.

Well, the lighting turned out to be far harder to deal with than any of the actors by a huge margin! The actors were fabulous. The lights strong, direct and unforgiving of my errors in focus/shutter speed… whatever.

Taipei Shorts: Selected Photos for Front Lobby, 2020

I did manage to get a few shots that weren’t too bad. And one of those shots ended up, despite the poor lighting gracing the end of this video. You can also find it on this page.

No description available.
I have this framed on the wall right here as I type!

So either way you gotta scroll or watch to the end of the video! Should I include a screenshot? Why make it easy for you! Anyway, you’ll enjoy the Taipei Short: Flight 109.

AT Beaune, the gentleman’s hands in the video, was directing the video’ and he ultimately produced the video which you can view right here.

Thanks for making this possible!

T E P C Online Critique – June 2021: T E P C Taiwan Exchange Photo Club

A monthly meeting around a dinner to share 5 pictures on a theme/set of images selected in advance. Constructive criticism and advices (technical or artistic) are welcome.

This will take place via Facebook in a place to exchange and where we can share the “5” pictures we show during the monthly meeting and perhaps also the one we couldn’t show during that meeting.

June 12th Meeting!

Though we’ll be meeting online, let us have, as always, a fun night and a good way to get good opinions on how to improve our photos.

Follow the steps:

  1.  As usual, everyone should select five (5) photographs to put up for critical discussion. The max. size will be 2732 x 2048 pixels. (Your pictures will be deleted afterwards).
  2. Upload the files to:
  3. Find your google gmail account+password so you can access the meeting.
  4. We will use Google Meet to view the photos and discuss. If things go awry, we will switch to FB Messenger!
  5. You will need either a mobile phone/pad or computer equipped with video/voice.
  6. We will start the meeting early to get things working properly. Don’t forget to buy your favorite beer!
  7. Order of photographers is determined by the order received. First in >>> First shown. Last in >>> Last shown. So get your pictures in earlier! Don’t leave it the last day!
  8. All images are deleted after the meeting so keep a copy! I certainly won’t!

Attending the Critique

We will start the meeting on FB before moving to Google Meet (location may vary). Images will be shown as a presentation in Meet, but higher quality will be shown through a Dropbox folder. So you’ll need both open. Both locations will be shared via FB beforehand. Stay tuned!

We recommend multiple screens (at least two) to help with viewing, I’ll place the images in a separate folder for high quality viewing, as well. Chat on #1, view on #2 (we may try screensharing but the image quality is lower).

July’s meeting will be held second Saturday in July, probably Saturday 10th! Upload location will open shortly.

This events is supported by T E P C

Kenneth and Patrice

Earth Day 2021: Photowalkers Trip to Taichung

Trip to Taichung as part of our exhibition exploring Earth Day! Thanks to Henry Westheim who generously offered to share his love of Taichung City with Photowalkers!

I already saw some excellent photography posted in the group by Shyh Shiun Jerry Wang and David Rowswell! This is my attempt to make sense of the riot of sights we experienced there.

Gallery 1: Looking Through – Taichung

Gallery 2: Photowalkers’ Eye on Taichung

I only edited these images minimally as there wasn’t really enough time to make the best of each one! I may go back and re-edit as per suggestions from Patrice Delmotte’s group, TEPC.

Photowalkers’ Earth Day Exhibition supporting Earth Day 2021

This event is now over. Thank you for your participation!

Members of Taiwan Photowalkers and Taiwan Exchange Photo Club (TEPC) believe that this beautiful planet we live on is in crisis, that sustainability and ecology require urgent action, and that photographers capture and portray both Earth’s beauty and fragility. Moreover, the people of Earth cannot be merely as actors on a stage.

The past year, if nothing else, has shown that each and every person has a significant role to play in creating a sustainable environment for all living creatures that share this ‘blue dot’.

Our exhibition is virtual and highlights the beauty of nature and its vulnerability. We aim to show what we can do to reduce our impact on our fragile planet to ultimately heal Mother Earth. This is our first step. What’s yours?


Grand Opening
Thursday, April 22nd 2021 at 12:00am

Held From: April 22nd – 12:00am to May 1st: 11:59:59pm

Right here:

Photowalkers invites you to enjoy our presentation of some 20 photographs that make up our contribution to the debate. We hope that you enjoy the photographs. Please consider how will they help to shape your own response to our environmental crisis.



  • Kenneth Dickson – Organizer, Panelist and Host
  • Patrice Delmotte – Artistic Adviser

Our Jury Members

  • Patrice Delmotte
  • A.M. Haddad
  • Tobie Openshaw
  • Amaris Woo

For more information about Photowalkers, check out our Photowalkers Facebook Group.