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Quanji Temple in Jinguashi, Jiufen

“That’s Guan Gong at Quanji Temple (勸濟堂) in Jinguashi. Apart from having a cool statue on top the temple itself also has a number of intriguing artifacts harkening back to the mining days…” Alexandar Synaptix from

Photowalk in the 1920s: Dadaocheng Costume Parade – October 14th 2018

Outline of Walk Inviting Photowalkers to attend the next Photowalk on October 14th at Beimen MRT Station, where we’ll be participating in the 1920’s Costume Parade from Beimen to Yongle Market Plaza. “In 2018, the Yongle Market Plaza is transformed into the Time Machine Theater, which re-creates scenes from that era. Bring your roaring 20s spirit and dress… Read More »