Revisited: Escalators @ Little Bitan Station, Hsintien – #2 of 10

Taken way back in 2010 on my Lumix Camera, I only posted this a couple of years ago because of several features that I noticed: ascending stairs, a vanishing point of sorts, and a stronger primary color.

However, this is one of the shots that I’d have taken several times nowadays, rather than sweat it out working to correct all the obvious flaws. The original shot was straightened, and a little color added to the mix. Mostly done on Picasa, though.

The 2nd edit, similarly because of poor original quality and framing, is probably not worth a lot of work; certainly, not as much as I’ve already done. So, what did we do?

The most obvious difference is the cropping: the image was cropped to straighten the top of the escalators. This resulted in a shift in perception: the viewer was dragged up the stairs a little further; and the left banister took on a slightly ungainly characteristic.

The second change was boosting the yellow. I felt that this was the reason that I liked the original colors, so saturation was increased as was the amount of yellow. It contributes to a more pleasing tone.

After that, it’s all minor edits here and there: the light from the top left/right brought under some control, through using the brush tool, and dropping the blue saturation. Result is version #4. Overall, better picture, but probably not worth doing.

Unfortunately, the biggest dismay: the original file was missing, turns out I was working all along on the small uploaded file to Google Drive. So the lesson from #2: be careful of your work flow to prevent image loss. I plugged in the original drive, and the surrounding files are still there, not just those six or seven. Ah, well.

Time for a return trip to Bitan for those not tired of its mysteries!