Upcoming Photowalk: April 22nd 2017

If you’re interested in discovering Taipei with a group of fellow photographers who like to take photos in our city, you’re welcome to join..

Taipei Photowalkers

Photowalkers is a great group for encouraging you to get out and see Taiwan, take photographs and improve your photography, as well as making new friends who share the passion.

Event in April: Boat ride Dadaocheng to Tamsui

TC Lin has brought something up that sounds pretty good for this group. As you might know, TC teaches photography at Zhongzheng Community College. One of the activities he is doing with his class is a boat trip, starting at the Dadaocheng Wharf and heading up to Danshui. The boat launches at 9 a.m. and TC is asking people to meet at 8:10. There will be photos on the boat, as well as once we arrive in Danshui. Likely, we’ll also gather somewhere in Danshui after for food and talk too. It should be a good time.

The date is set for Saturday, April 22nd. Normally, the price of the boat is 350nt, but because we will be going through TC’s school, we will get the school’s rate of 100nt. There are a number of spots open, but we need a head count fairly soon to make sure it will all happen. It should be a day of good shooting, good people and good talk. Please sign up before 22nd, March 2017. This will help TC Lin in better planning the event. TC Lin/ Darren will update with further details.

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