Merci a Hubert Kilian!

By | August 28, 2022

Hubert Kilian, Hubert Kilian Photographies – photographe et auteur basé à Taiwan, recently hosted a successful exhibition of his works at 1839cg Gallery (1839當代藝廊)in Taipei. His show was entitled “Hubert KILIAN: LE VENTRE DE TAIPEI | (“, during which he exhibited a fine collection of his own handiwork – hand processed fine art prints of Taipei.

Since I don’t have a lot of walls or a high budget for collecting artwork like that, I opted to buy the book of prints, which he generously signed! Hubert Kilian was an early member of our T E P C | Facebook group, hosted by Patrice Delmotte. He also exhibited in several of the exhibitions that the group organized, including United In Difference – 聯合大不同 (2013), Under The Same Sky – 穹頂之下 (2015), and The Light of Taiwan – 台灣之光 (2019).