Models: I don’t shoot too often

So remember that photo we took at the Shifen Waterfall. Well, we met this charming couple who were having trouble with taking a photograph on their cellphone. I thought I’d offer to help a little.

Camera & Photo Stats

Now that I’ve had a chance to review my photograph, I’m pretty sure my settings were off: ISO400, 1/200s and -2 stops aperture exposure … and the kicker, with a flash! I think ISO200 +2stops and 1/100th might have got a picture that was better with less grain. It was taken on a Nikon D3000.

The viewing platform of the waterfall is hidden slightly with lots of shade in the afternoon, so the waterfall appears brighter and faces looking away appear darker.

Oh, well. Poor them.


I also tried to edit the mistakes out, which has exposed the limitations of my PC and the sheer amount of resources that live editing/dodging/burning takes in a friggin’ LR. I’ve done quite a bit of the editing with the clone tool, but the LR live hardware requirements just slow the PC down to a crawl. It rendered this wonderful screen!!!!

Obviously, if you get it right in the camera, you don’t have to do a lot of the edits I have had to do. If you get it right in the camera. I did quite a bit of work lightening both the entire face, and areas as well. The only part that I’m not happy with is the dark shadow around her chin. I would like to soften that a little