Photowalkers Event: The RED Photowalk Sunday September 23rd @ 3:30pm

By | September 1, 2018
Welcome to the Photowalkers Event for Sunday September 23rd, 2018! It will be a special walk starting at the main entrance outside RED ROOM at 3:30pm. It was originally scheduled for 9th, but postponed due to heavy rains over 2 weekends. If the rain is too heavy, the walk will not proceed. Let’s hope for a lighter weather day!


This is in support of the Photowalkers Exhibition @ Red Room. Unlike other walks that held by the group; Photowalkers must find their own routes from the start point to the destination.


The theme is “RED.” RED means so many things. It’s color, it’s light. It’s fire, it’s blood, it’s danger, it’s love. It’s freedom, it’s poison, it’s violence. It’s prosperity. It’s Earth, It’s People. Share with us your RED.


The destination is the Famous Coffee House: FONG DA Coffee House. It’s just past the Red House in Ximending (about 3.8km away). We’ll be waiting at the destination at 630pm: No. 42, Chengdu Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City, 108 / Chinese: 108台北市萬華區成都路42號

Route Choice

Take any route, follow your RED heart, and snap to your RED heart’s content! Because the distance is longer: feel free to use public transport along the way to cover the ground. MRT from Xinsheng MRT to Ximen Station is pretty quick. But you could get off earlier and enjoy the area around Taipei Station…

Places to Consider

For Sunday’s Photowalk: Here is a list of places that you ‘could’ explore on the way to the destination. I strongly suggest that you head in a general westerly direction towards Taipei Station area…

A: Heading West on Zhongxiaou East Road

1. Huashan Creative Park
2. Presidential Office Building
3. National Taiwan Museum
4. North Gate

B: Around Taipei Station

5. 228 Peace Park near Taipei Station
6. Taipei Guest House
7. Zhongshan Hall area
8. East Gate

C: Heading South Then West. (Dongmen) East Gate (first head south then west) for
10. CKS Memorial Park Area
11. Remains of Taipei prison walls
12. Botanical Gardens
13. Nishi Honganji Relics

You won’t be able to do more than two or three in the time limit. Make use of the buses, MRT and ubikes to help you cover the distance. You will have more time shooting. Of course, you might prefer just to walk! Enjoy!

As trip organizer, I will enable FB location for the entire duration, so you’ll be able to find me, as long as the battery holds out on the phone!

It is likely to rain during a part of the walk. We will just have to be resourceful. It’s still quite a few days away, so I’m hoping the weather improves.

If you’re unfamiliar with Taipei, use Google Maps to help navigate. It’s pretty difficult to get lost these days. If you do, just head to the nearest MRT station! Then take the train to the destination.

See you there! If you miss the start point… just make your own start point… and meet up at the destination! We’ll share a photo when we get there or they can be uploaded to the group website as part of the Photowalkers RED September event.

Looking forward to you all getting red up for this walk! 😀