Photowalk in the 1920s: Dadaocheng Costume Parade – October 14th 2018

By | September 1, 2018

Outline of Walk

Inviting Photowalkers to attend the next Photowalk on October 14th at Beimen MRT Station, where we’ll be participating in the 1920’s Costume Parade from Beimen to Yongle Market Plaza.

“In 2018, the Yongle Market Plaza is transformed into the Time Machine Theater, which re-creates scenes from that era. Bring your roaring 20s spirit and dress up in costumes reminiscent of that era, as you get ready to travel back in time to Dadaocheng’s heyday!”

Photowalkers will be organizing a Photowalk to coincide with, that may draw upon and be inspired by, this costume parade: Obviously the date is 10/14 but the final details are still undecided! Keep uptodate on the Photowalkers Group:

The Basics

Getting There
Take the MRT to the Taipei Station. The meet up point is Exit #4 at the West Side of Taipei Main Station (not the MRT Station) at 1:00pm~1:15pm. We’re walking to Beimen from there, it’s not far!

Route Plan

It’s pretty much decided by the Parade, but feel free to explore alleys and sidewalks off the main parade direction! Our basic route is expected to be:


The calendar of events continues into the early evening with shows and performances. While they may be interesting or enjoyable to watch, as Photowalkers, we will probably not want to waste the great weather sitting on our “derrieres”.


We’re expecting to add on some stops, but at this time discussions are ongoing.


You can return to your origination via MRT. Dadaocheng is conveniently located between Beimen MRT Station on the Green Line, and Shuanglien MRT Station on the Red Line. You can even walk as far as MinChuan West Road MRT Station on the Red/Orange Lines.

Walk Conditions

This is not a difficult walk, but precautions for rain, heat, & sun are suggested. Shoes need to be comfortable. There’s should be a convenience store stop for essentials (like water, sustenance, and – if necessary – some ice cream). However, it’s expected to be crowded, so photography may be difficult. In crowds, always keep track of your wallet and handbags; pickpockets are rare here, but they do exist.

Weather Links

October weather shouldn’t be too hot, but there is a risk of rain and thunderstorms. Come prepared. In the event of a Typhoon, the walk will be canceled. We will not reschedule this walk, unless we have a reschedule date for the Parade.


Routes, times & dates may be revised; please keep uptodate with changes as notified in the Event Page. I hope you can come; be nice to see y’all!