Photowalkers’ Earth Day Exhibition supporting Earth Day 2021

This event is now over. Thank you for your participation!

Members of Taiwan Photowalkers and Taiwan Exchange Photo Club (TEPC) believe that this beautiful planet we live on is in crisis, that sustainability and ecology require urgent action, and that photographers capture and portray both Earth’s beauty and fragility. Moreover, the people of Earth cannot be merely as actors on a stage.

The past year, if nothing else, has shown that each and every person has a significant role to play in creating a sustainable environment for all living creatures that share this ‘blue dot’.

Our exhibition is virtual and highlights the beauty of nature and its vulnerability. We aim to show what we can do to reduce our impact on our fragile planet to ultimately heal Mother Earth. This is our first step. What’s yours?


Grand Opening
Thursday, April 22nd 2021 at 12:00am

Held From: April 22nd – 12:00am to May 1st: 11:59:59pm

Right here:

Photowalkers invites you to enjoy our presentation of some 20 photographs that make up our contribution to the debate. We hope that you enjoy the photographs. Please consider how will they help to shape your own response to our environmental crisis.



  • Kenneth Dickson – Organizer, Panelist and Host
  • Patrice Delmotte – Artistic Adviser

Our Jury Members

  • Patrice Delmotte
  • A.M. Haddad
  • Tobie Openshaw
  • Amaris Woo

For more information about Photowalkers, check out our Photowalkers Facebook Group.

Profile: Jing-Shung Hsu

Jing-Shung Hsu bought his first camera Nikon FM2 in 1988, although he now uses the Canon 5D4 and Canon 6D. He loves photography so much, so he always expects to take the photos of the touching moments, He wilI usually bring a camera to observe the world with his  heart.

Thanks to the social media on the Internet, he has shared with lots of great photographers the wonderful and fantastic moments worldwide. He promises, “I won’t stop taking photos until I really can’t.”


Featured Photographs

Check out his series of photographs, too.

Profile: Patrice Delmotte

Patrice Delmotte received his first digital camera in 2005 as a birthday present, and a new life started. He is now a full-time passionate photographer. He loves to research into the light, like the clear obscure so popular with the Flemish painter or the bright light of the tropics.


Featured Photographs

Check out his series of photographs, too.

Profile: Alton Thompson

Alton Thompson is a musician and art photographer. He has made Taiwan his home since 2004. His images have been exhibited in Taiwan’s National Palace Museum, the National Concert Hall, and the Taipei Mayor’s Salon. His images appear in the AT Beaune book News from Taiwan and are also available for license by Getty Images.


Featured Photographs

Check out his series of photographs, too.

News Update – A YouTube premiere

加入我們的YouTube首映:2021.04.02 Friday 18:00 Taipei time 2021年4月2日,星期五,

台北時區TAIWAN PHOTOWALK 臺灣 漫步影像a musical story in still images 靜止圖像中的音樂故事 SHAO-HSUN CHANG, pianist 章韶洵, 鋼琴家Modest Mussorgsky: ‘Pictures from an Exhibition’ 穆梭斯基: 展覽會之畫 | 章韶洵, 鋼琴家Photo story by A T Beaune唐博訥 , 作家兼導演

About Photowalkers

What is Photowalkers?

Photowalkers is a group that encourages you to get out and see Taiwan, take photographs and improve your photography, as well as making new friends who share the same passion. Started in 2014, Billy Stagner intended Photowalkers as a bridge between expat and local photographers in an informal language exchange.

The group has transformed since then into a group of people who share a passion for taking photographs all around Taiwan. You’ll be sure to find something of interest, whether you’re interested in scenery or street photography or pretty flowers during Cherry Blossom season.

How can I get involved?

We’ve organized a wide variety of events, including Guandu Temple and River Walk, Tamsui River and Fisherman’s Wharf, Yehliu Geopark, and Hsinchu City Streets. Trips are set up well in advance for a Saturday or Sunday and are mostly held in the Taipei Metropolitan area, though occasionally we may go further afield.

What do I need?

Photographers come from a variety of backgrounds, but all share an enthusiasm for photography, whether they are novice, hobbyist or professional, all are welcome. So you can bring whatever camera you usually use, whether it’s an ordinary camera, mobile phone, or DSLR.

What should I do when I attend?

You could come without any camera at all! Shoot as many or as few pictures as you would like. Some trips have been followed by social occasions like dinner or drinks; others have resulted in photography exhibitions; and there have even been helpful photography critiques.

“Come in with an open mind and a positive attitude and you’re bound to make friends, learn about photography or help others improve as photographers! You’ll experience cool and interesting places around Taiwan while sharing many perspectives from fellow group members,” said Billy Stagner.

It’s a philosophy we’ve striven to realize in the Photowalkers. We hope you’ll agree! For more information about Photowalkers, check out the Facebook Group.

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