Photowalkers Retrospective 2021

Welcome to the last exhibition I will curate on Photowalkers Taiwan. Time is passing, and now it’s time for me to move on.

This seems like a sweet point to leave Photowalkers and focus on other photography projects. Don’t worry, still a member, but I will be a lot less visibly active there in future.

Photowalkers Retrospective 2021


Recently, we’ve featured new members’ work in our Critical galleries and recent members’ albums in the featured posts, but now we’re returning to our roots as a photowalking group to promote photowalking in Taiwan.

So… from September 8th~15th, we’ll be featuring photographs taken from our official photowalks. We want to inspire you to get out on photowalks, organize with our members, and start taking better photos!  You can find out the events dates if you’re a little hazy on the exact walk in the events. Good luck! Let’s see what you have! Check out the burgeoning series with this tag: #PhotowalkRetrospective

13 Photowalks! Taking Place on Photowalkers NOW!

Since 2018, Photowalkers has been involved in creating and participating in a number of exhibitions, as well as photowalk events, produced, curated and exhibited by many members of Photowalkers, to all of whom I must say ‘thank you!’

Past Exhibitions

  • Photowalkers Retrospective (Online), September 2021
  • Photowalkers Critical Lockdown (Online), June-July 2021
  • Earth Day Exhibition (Online), April 2021
  • Our Island Exhibition (with TEPC), May 2019
  • Visual Dialogs XXVI @ Red Room Exhibition, September 2018
  • Dadaocheng Photography Exhibition, October 2017
  • 台灣主題攝影展 Photography Exhibition, July 2015
  • Photowalkers Show @ The Aroma, April 2015

So that’s it! Happy Taiwan Photowalking! Keep safe, take photos!

TEPC regular meeting August 14th 2021

Dear Friends
Next TEPC will be a regular meeting meeting. It will be a hybrid event online/offline (so some technical challenges) – see updates in the comments for details.Patrice would like to collect images first if possible, espeicially for those attending online.

So we will proceeding as follow:

18:30 DINER: We will have a sandwiches and beer/wine night. Bring something for yourself and something to share…
19:30 MEETING – THEME: OPEN theme for photos you will bring.
PLACE: – TheStudio, 4/Fl., no. 8, Alley 1, lane128, Fu Hua Rd, TienMu, Taipei City, Taiwan.
– MRT Station: Zhishan (Exit 1 – turn left, then left again) on the Danshui /Beitou line. For those who don’t know where the studio is, please call Patrice at 0933 710 756

Please upload your pictures ASAP at by 16th @ 11:59pm. Upload them to or bring a stick/usbkey/memory card on the day.

But it’s better to upload so we can share them with everyone who’s only online!!!- Each photo will be commented by the photographer first and individually by participants.Welcome! Will you join us?

Stay safe

Critical Lockdown ’21


Our next series for Photowalkers who’ve been stranded at home: 

Critical Lockdown ’21

Darren Melrose hosted a critique session recently and this series of posts reflects the images that we talked about. The photographer and I have selected two images each from those attended the critique on July 3rd.
We hope that you’ll enjoy the series of postings. Daily we’ll post one of the 8 photographers’ sets of images until they’re all posted.
You’ll see images in 3 groups:




We hope you’ll look at them, and enjoy them. We hope that you’ll learn something from both their strengths and their flaws. Feel free to ask questions of the photographers!
Thanks to the photographers for sharing, we hope their images will help get your creative juices flowing again after our ‘hibernation’!

Taking Place on Photowalkers NOW!