Time Machine Theater: 1920’s Costume Parade October 14th, 2018

By | September 1, 2018

unnamed“Jazz music flowed from phonographs. The well-to-do, dressed in Western-style clothing, sat in cafes discussing topics related to democracy and freedom. The Yongle Market bustled with crowds and the shouts of peddlers selling produce. Children just out of school for the day devoured bowls of noodles at food stalls. On buses, people pulled a cord twice to ring a bell and the ticket taker gently asked the driver to make a stop.

Shops selling teas and traditional Chinese herbs are commonplace in present-day Dadaocheng. However, a century ago, there were hair salons and clothing boutiques considered modern and fashionable for the time. Stores selling various sundries and live theaters also lined the streets. Although modern life has taken root in Dadaocheng, the spirit of Taiwan’s history and the local culture live on.

In 2018, the Yongle Market Plaza is transformed into the Time Machine Theater, which re-creates scenes from that era. Bring your roaring 20s spirit and dress up in costumes reminiscent of that era, as you get ready to travel back in time to Dadaocheng’s heyday!”

Photowalkers will be organizing a Photowalk to coincide with, that may draw upon and be inspired by, this costume parade: Obviously the date is 10/14 but the meet up is undecided! Find out on the Photowalkers Group: