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Photowalkers, TEPC, & RedRoom believe that this beautiful planet we live on is in crisis, that sustainability and ecology require urgent action, and that photographers capture and portray both Earth’s beauty and Earth’s fragility. Moreover, the people of Earth cannot be merely as actors on a stage.

  • Let’s show man’s place in nature.
  • Let’s show how people from our communities in Taiwan gather together to protect Earth.
  • Let’s show how people can contribute to the preservation of our beautiful, fragile planet.

Virtual Exhibition – Earth and Environment 2020 2nd Call for Images

This exhibition will explore these issues through the medium of photography in a Virtual Gallery & Hosted Online Event as humanity faces our own viral challenges. We will create a VIRTUAL GALLERY that viewers can navigate with a mouse or keyboard, so when they stop in front of a particular photo, a video will pop up of the photographer introducing the work. A hosted event will be held on the WebEx platform, date and time to be announced.

Invitation & Photography

We invite photographers to submit a series of images of Taiwan in any genre, that explore one or several aspects of Earth and Environment and show man’s place in nature. This can include landscapes, wildlife, or humans’ interaction with nature.

The 6 images may be submitted as singles or in a series that tell a story.  We reserve the right to select, or reject, any number of images from any photographer.  Once the selection is made, we will invite each photographer to submit captions, and to record a video introduction to each photo.  We will assist in creating the videos if possible.

Entry & Qualifications:

There is no fee for entry. Submissions can be from 2~6 images for your set. The submissions are open until the deadline June 21st @ 1:00AM (Taipei Time).


Any unique image from any camera is eligible to enter. Images uploaded should be 2048px long side or max 3mb in JPG format.

Submissions Steps:

  1. Complete the submission form (download). 
  2. Upload the images and submission form to Our Dropbox Open Request (no dropbox account needed)

Any problems, reach me via the contact form or on TEPC.


The exhibition is open to all who are over 18 years of age. You must have taken the submitted images yourself.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Photographers agree to allow us to display the images during the exhibition, in the gallery and elsewhere online for the purposes of the Exhibition. Credit will be given to the photographers, of course. You also agree that no monetary compensation will be provided for your images for any reason at any time by the organizers, RedRoom or any of the sponsors.

We look forward very much to seeing your submissions!

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